Why pay for bottled water?

Posted on 24th January 2011 in going green, thoughts

You all very likely buy or at least use bottled water on a day to day basis or at least once a week and although I used to buy those small cheap Lidl bottled water each week and re-use the bottles it still bothered me spending money for something that’s free from a tap.

So here’s the thing, everybody bitches that petrol is nearing 1.50c a litre here in Ireland yet people will openly pay the same amount of money for a one litre bottle of water in their local supermarket or from a vending machine in work. The canteen in my workplace currently has 750ml riverrock bottles on offer for 1euro, this is considered a bargin?.

So why are we paying 2000 times the money for bottled water when tap water costs a fraction of the cost to be cleaned and its perfectly fine?

Its insane when you think about it so after watching the US documentary Tapped it got me thinking and I think it finally gave me a kick…why don’t I just buy a decent re-usable bottle instead of trying to re-use existing bottles of water, why am I needlessly giving the bottled water companys money?

By doing the above it means I won’t have to buy any bottles of water, so a quick search on the net found me http://www.reusablebottle.co.uk which has a pretty good selection.

After a quick look through the site I choose this bottleĀ  made by Nalgene, its 1lite and is very easy wash, so from here on in I’m just going to keep re-using this bottle and I’m not going to waste any more money on bottled water.

I urge anyone who reads this to do the same,


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