Irish Political partys hosting websites outside of Ireland

Posted on 11th January 2011 in politics

We’ve all heard about the “2,000 users’ details taken in Fine Gael website breach” on all the news websites and how its now being investigated by the FBI because Fine Gael hosted their website with an American hosting company called ElectionMall, well this got me thinking who else is not hosting in Ireland?

We all hear from all of the Irish political partys that they care about Irish jobs and want the Irish economy to improve yet you have to ask the simple question, why then don’t they support an Irish hosting company?.

Not only this but by hosting a website outside of Ireland that requests Irish people’s details this raises some very concerning Data Protection questions and regarding who has access to this information such as another goverment.

Fine Gael’s apparent excuse according to is “for reasons in relation to bandwidth access, and also cost”, this frankly is bullshit and is certainly not a good enough excuse unless they are going to back it up with facts and figures.

So lets see how all the partys break down based on traceroutes and IP info requests: – Hosted with – (Hosted in USA) – Hosted with (Hosted in UK) – Hosted with (Hosted in USA) – Hosted with (Hosted in USA) – Hosted with (Hosted in USA) – Hosted with (Hosted in UK) – Hosted with
(Hosted in Ireland)

Given I can afford to host my websites in Ireland with blacknight in Co Carlow why can’t a large Irish political party?


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