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Posted on 11th January 2011 in running, thoughts

whoaa its been ages since I’ve updated the blog!

Anyway for those that know me I took up running in February 2010, I started being barely able to run 1km non-stop but after a few weeks I managed my first 5km in around 45min, by March my pace was around 9:00/km by May I had cut this to around 6:20/km and by September all the way down to around 5:40/km and doing a 5km in around 26min.

On the 18th September 2010 I took part in my first ever event which was the Dublin Half Marathon, my goal was to finish somewhere between 2hours & 2hours 15min. My final result was 1hour 56min 48sec, this all started from being barely able to run more then 30 sec non-stop so I was thrilled.

To date the furthest I’ve ran has been 15miles in a time of 2hours 25min, sure it was hard going but its all worth it and I’m going to keep going with the aim of completing two marathons during 2011 :)

Although I started running to just keep my weight in check my weight and keep myself healthy, none the less I came across Ben Does Life today and I have to say its inspiring stuff. Ben started running in December 2008 at which time he weighed 25 stone, since then he has lost 8 stone and has completed marathons and even a Iron-man.

He’s put together this inspiring video which is up on

I’d urge anyone that has thought about running to finally give it a shot, starting off on something like the couch to 5km plan is completely do-able as if you have a mp3 player it’ll tell you when to start/stop and how fast you should be running (if you can’t talk while running then your running too fast!), this is the plan I started on


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