Switching to a Safety Razor: Pt. 3

Posted on 31st January 2009 in thoughts

After using my new safety razor for awhile I’ve found that the original badger brush I bought is pretty poor and also I could do with better shaving cream so I’ve bought a few items which include pre-shave gel, shaving cream, blades and a much better quality brush.

After two days of usage I have to say the brush was well worth it, it holds water much better then the previous cheap brush I bought as such it creates and hydrates the lather much quicker and better too.

For anyone currently looking at buying a shaving brush I can’t stress enough that it is well worth investing in a good quality brush don’t opt for a cheap budget brush.

I’d imagine this selection which I bought from shaving-shack.com should last me a long long time :)

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One Response to “Switching to a Safety Razor: Pt. 3”

  1. Kyle Tunney says:

    Good read, thanks! I think I might invest in one of those razors as the Mach3 is still wrecking my neck. Have a look at totalshave(.com). I got some of that oil two weeks back and it’s really good.

    Gotta love a good shave!

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