I got a new Trek 7.1 FX

Posted on 31st January 2009 in consumer, home, thoughts

For those who know me you’ll know that I used to cycle to work everyday before I moved house, in fact I used to average about 12-16knm a day which I sadly miss now that I have to drive to work. :(

Anyway back at the beginning of December I brought my Trek 7.1 FX in from the yard to give it a clean and service as I thought it was time I got back in the saddle, I started by taking off the wheels and when I attempted to remove the back wheel the frame came away with it.

At this stage I’m pretty pissed off as the frame is broken but I’m not too worried as the frame as a lifetime warranty so I get on to the bike shop where I bought it back in October 2006 and they agree to send it back to Trek, of course its December so I’m not worried about it be sorted out fast due to the Christmas rush.

Anyway earlier this week I gave the bike shop a call and much to my surprise and delight it turns out Trek decided they’d replace my old bike with a new one and better still the bike shop wouldn’t charge me for building it.

Here it is in all its glory!!

All in all I’m very happy with both Trek and Altitude Bike shop in Waterford who did a brilliant job at customer service. :)

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    I am buying a bike but am not really sure which one to get. I’am interested in the trek fx range. I will be doing long road cycles and general commuting. Would you recommend this model?

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