Three is not Broadband, its Midband!

Posted on 27th January 2009 in, broadband, eircom, tech

Following on from the recent announcement that the Department of Communications has given the National Broadband Scheme to Three instead of Eircom its worth remembering that Three’s “Mobile Broadband” is not actual Broadband despite what the government says. (This deal has now been signed!)

This doesn’t just apply to Three it also applys to O2, Vodafone and Meteor who also tend to refer to their services as “Mobile Broadband” when infact they should be called something else.

So going off the back of a recently created Midband sub-forum on the Broadband forum on all these services would be better referred to as Midband.

What is Midband you may ask, well it is…
“Midband” is defined as Mostly On systems that are not billed by time and deliver on average better than the max of Dialup which is 2x B ch ISDN of 128k, but
:: on average less than 1Mbps (1)
:: more than 100ms Latency (2)
:: connection is not ensured (3).

Providers of “Midband” services include, Three, O2, Vodafone & Meteor as well as Satellite, Irish Broadband Ripwave and Clearwire.

Services provided by these providers are totally unsuitable for
- On-Line Gaming
- Video Conferencing
- VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

So why am I ranting about Three, well what annoys me is that it is called Broadband when it is clearly not the same thing as a 1MB ADSL or Cable line and can never provide the same quality of service to its users.

This isn’t Three’s fault this is purely down to the technology being used but my problem is the fact that Three, O2, Vodafone etc and the Department of Communications are lying to people by calling it Broadband!

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