Switching to a Safety Razor: Pt. 2

Posted on 23rd January 2009 in boards.ie, thoughts

So I posted awhile back about switching from a Gillette Fusion to a Safety Razor namely a Merkur 570 Chrome “Progress”, so after a week of use and some initial problems I have to say I’m very impressed with it.

At first I started off using the shaving soap I bought with the razor but this dried out my skin like crazy and didn’t lather very well so I ended up cutting myself about 5-6 times which was fun, I’ve since switched back to my normal King Of Shaves shaving gel and all is well. Although I’m going to try some different brands as suggested on some websites.

The shave is far closer then my old Fusion (even when compared with the first shave with a new fusion blade), also it takes about the same amount of time to shave.

Overall I’m happy with the switch over :)

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