My New Photoblog

Posted on 28th June 2009 in blog, news, photoblog, project, thoughts, website

For those who aren’t aware back in March I restarted as a photoblog website, please visit it in all its glory and feel free to leave comments :)

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Hanging On in Tramore

Posted on 18th February 2008 in different view, gear, photography, project, waterford

Hanging On #002, originally uploaded by TheCabaal.

So I was out walking in Tramore, Co Waterford yesterday for the day, lovely day out and brought the camera to see if I could get any nice shots.

I’ve taken a few, must of which I haven’t processed yet but I did process this one as part of my different view project.

Its great to have my nifty fifty back!

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Nifty Fifty is back!

Posted on 6th February 2008 in different view, gear, project

I reported back in December that I had started my different view project but that my Canon 50mm 1.8 had started to stick and lock, well things went from bad to worse…..its completely dead now.

I brought it into town about two weeks ago and went to take a photo and noticed it wasn’t focusing correctly, on closer inspection the focusing ring had come apart from the rest of the lens, further inspection showed that the data cable connection that connected the motor in the lens to the contact points was damaged.

I’ve since bought myself a new nifty fifty from digitalrev on ebay and all is well once more…it only cost me 60e :)

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Restricted Access

Posted on 16th December 2007 in different view, project, transport

Restricted Access, originally uploaded by TheCabaal.

First picture of my new project previously mentioned, all was going well till my 50mm started jamming during shots during the weekend, its not looking good for it.

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A new project!

Posted on 14th December 2007 in different view, photography, project

I’ve been inspired by works done by concretewindow on, so I’ve decided I’m going to take on a very similar project with my EOS 400D and my 50mm 1.8.

The main reason for this is to get out and take more photos, I’ve found recently just so many things have gotten in the way and because of this I haven’t been taking as many photos as I should.

I also find when I do see an opportunity to take a photo I don’t have my camera with me and I’m hoping this little project will help this also.

More importantly I love the style the photos are taken in, I find the different view very interesting as it makes you see the world in a different light.

I’m off to Dublin this evening so I’m going to start this project today :)

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