My New Photoblog

Posted on 28th June 2009 in blog, news, photoblog, project, thoughts, website

For those who aren’t aware back in March I restarted as a photoblog website, please visit it in all its glory and feel free to leave comments :)

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Its Tuesday 20th January 2009 in America!

Posted on 20th January 2009 in news, thoughts

I think this sums things up nicely!

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Going Green: food digesture – Part 3

Posted on 16th November 2008 in energy, enviroment, going green, news, thoughts

The third update on my plan to reduce our household waste costs and to improve on the amount of material we recycle, so far the layout is as follows:
- Plastic covered box for cans & glass
- Two 80ltr bins for recyclable material (paper, plastic etc)
- One 90ltr bin to stockpile about 4-5 weeks of non-recycle material
- One greencone for food stuffs

So how it works is about once a month I need to do a run to empty the two 80ltr bins and about once every 4-5 weeks I need to empty the 90ltr non-recyle bin which doesn’t tend to smell because all foodstuff that cause the smells goes into my greencone :)

Overall this costs me €6 to dispose of all my rubbish which is a good saving over the €25 monthly fee I’d have to pay to a waste pickup company.

So far so good and I’m impressed with how the system works so far, the initial outset for implementing my green waste plan were kinda high though:
- €145.00 for greencone
- €20 for 80ltr bin
- €20 for 90ltr bin
- €20 for plastic box
Total: €205

When compared to what I’d have to pay for a monthly pickup for the same material (12 x €25) €300, so after the first 12 months I’ll really feel the savings :)

I hope I’ve helped to inspire others to try this as well.

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Posted on 2nd November 2008 in, media, news, photography

Myself along with about another 90 or so other users on the photography forum have submitted work to be included in the 2008 Photography Year Book, the book represents a selection of photography work from users who generally post on the photography forum.

Proceeds from the book go to Santa Strike Force!

Order and preview the book below :)

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Superquinn supports the over seventies

Posted on 24th October 2008 in consumer, humor, news

As I’m sure your all aware the Government recently announced as part of the budget 2008 that they’d be dropping automatic issuing of medical cards to the over 70′s, well everyone’;s up in arms and it seems so are Superquinn staff :)

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RTE seeking news editor with Junior Cert geography

Posted on 8th August 2008 in media, news, RTE, thoughts posted this latest classic fuck up, its nice to know their employing a person who failed Junior Cert Geography, seems they now need somebody with at least a C in Ordinary Junior Cert Geography :)

[Note: Map of America used despite story relates to a country beside Russia]

They’ve since updated and corrected the story in question

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