Going Green: food digesture – Part 4

Posted on 14th September 2009 in energy, enviroment, going green, green, home

This is the forth and I hope final installment in relation to my experiences using a green cone in my home, the previous installments can be read here.

To sum things up I had to abandon all previous plans as the green cone just kept flooding and in the end during May 2009 I had to stop using it completely so I could re-install it.

So to reinstall it I first had to remove it and what an awful fun job that was, the basket at the end was full of sludge and smelled awful. Once this was taken out I then refilled the hole that the green cone was in and I made sure to have the greencone completely above ground,.

Now the green cone instructions say that a bucket of water should train away within a max of 30min, since the redesign its draining within seconds so all is good so far.

Here’s the finished re-design in all its glory…lets hope this is the last time I do this :)

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Going Green: food digesture – Part 2

Posted on 26th August 2008 in energy, enviroment, going green, green, home

You may all remember awhile ago I posted about a food digesture I installed in my garden, well with all the bad weather and due to poor soil drainage the digesture started to fill with water upto 1ft+ deep.

As the greencone stops working when it fills with this much water this is very bad! So I had to do some re-engineering work on it to solve the problem.

First off I’ve learned the greencone does a very good job and not smelling because when I dug it out it smelled awful but as soon as it was buried again it was fine and even if you stood within 6 inches of it you wouldn’t smell a thing once the lid is closed.

So after a days work, lots of gravel and new clay as well as wooden pegs I’ve come up with this….

I’ll keep you all posted on how the new design works out.

[UPDATE]:Photo now included on the greencone.com website.

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Going Green: food digesture

Posted on 3rd August 2008 in energy, enviroment, going green, green, home, thoughts

So awhile back I posted regarding my recent purchase of a efergy electricity monitor which I’m hoping to use to keep an eye on whats using power and making me conscious of costs. So far so well with this device but since I have a garden in the house which is something I didn’t have in my flat I wanted to go more green when it comes to my rubbish.

In the area we have two company’s that will collect recycled items (paper, plastic etc) and non-recyclable items such as plastic wrap etc but I’ve found that while we have little to no non-recyclable items we have so far ended up getting rid of what we have pretty quickly as it starts to smell.

Well the reason for this is of course food and unfortunately with a normal food composters you can’t put meat and cook food into it as its not designed for such things, so with this in mind I did abit of re-search and came up with a Green Cone food digesture.

The green cone takes meat, fish, bread, bone etc and uses bacteria and worms to break down the food into water etc so its re-absorbed by the ground around it, I just spent yesterday digging the hole required for it and its all good to go now…its a pretty big hole considering the large black basket MUST be fully buried for the green cone to work.

So here’s some photos of before, during and after installation of the cone, I’ll keep you all posted on how I get on using it.

All going well it should reduce costs and help the environment..big thanks to eco shop for the fantastic service getting the green cone to me in 24hrs!

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